On October 13, 2018, 240 000 people unexpectedly went on the streets of Berlin to stand together against hatred and the recent disquieting political trend of right-wing extremist ideas. Initially, the event was launched with an estimate of 40 000 people. But the actual result and the overwhelming response was stunning. With the clear message of the organizers "unteilbar", which means "indivisible" in English, thousands came together and celebrated the fact that love is always stronger than hatred.
At the beginning the event was in criticism, as politicians refused to take position on the planned demonstration and in addition even some were against it. As the day of the event approached and the Berliner autumn showed its best side, one of those indescribable Berlin moments happened. Not as announced tens of thousands showed up. When the head of the demonstration walked from Alexanderplatz through Potsdamer Platz towards it's final destination at Siegessäule, people still gathered at the starting point of Alexanderplatz. To stand in the middle of Leipziger Straße and to see people with love banners all the way from Alex up to Potsdamer Platz was truly magical. As I feel the urgent need to remind you of this beautiful event, I share today some of my photos I've taken  that day. Everybody who wanted to be there and didn't have the chance to attend physically ...
…  you were there too. ♡
© 2018 Laura Quendolin Weber
all rights reserved

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