April 10, 2018 – Today, 10 years ago, I traveled to New York City to accompany Todd Weinstein in his work as a photographer. I worked with him as a photo assistant and discovered my own way of seeing the world through my camera. An unforgettable summer, in which I met wonderful people and I found out how powerful photography can be. I learned how to use my camera and I became a sensitive observer of the beauty of everyday life. I take this day as a prelude to share some of my NYC moments thoughout "this" year.

This picture is the last picture I took with my grandfather's Minolta camera. The film transporter broke and a double exposure was created that quite unexpectedly made this image to what it is now. I was able to save the film and as magic as analogue photography can be I was thrilled when I saw the result from the lab. Even though it makes no sense to have the camera repaired, I brought it to the shop yesterday to get the transporter fixed.
This camera has an emotional value.

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